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V. S. Bahmani was an officer in the Excise & Taxation Department, Haryana and was retired in June, 2005 in a dignified way after completing thirty one years of service.

V. S. Bahmani was an officer in the Excise & Taxation Department, Haryana and was retired in June, 2005 after completing thirty one years of dignified service. 
V. S. Bahmani was an officer in the Excise & Taxation Department, Haryana and was retired in June, 2005 in a dignified way after completing thirty one years of service.
During the tenure of his service, he was posted at number of major cities like GURGAON, FARIDABAD, SONEPAT, AMBALA, PALWAL & REWARI. Wherever he was posted, he showed his existence and his name was counted in the category of intelligent, hard working, co-operative (both with the staff and the dealers) and resourceful officer. He left no stone unturned in the interest of revenue, many times he was praised for the quality and extraordinary type of detections which fetched huge revenue to the department. 

Being the working of revenue departments quite cumbersome, this department also deal with the complicated cases like recovery of arrears, roadside checking & inspection of business premises etc. During his service in the department many a time he has to pass through critical situations but he settle the matters amicably and no case of altercation was allowed to turn into scuffle. 

During the year 2000-2001 The State Government introduced a reward scheme for the detecting officer and the supporting staff for qualitative and revenue earning road side detections fetching tax and penalty above rupees one lac in a single case. Every year he was rewarded for such detections and during the year 2004- 2005 he was rewarded for twelve cases which was the highest in the state. He never legged behind to work for the prestige of the department and having such qualities he has always been praised by his seniors.

When ‘VAT’ system of taxation was introduced in Haryana in 2003 and first time in India, he was appointed Nodal officer of ‘VAT’ of Rewari district to apprise the traders and business houses about the new system of taxation. In the interest of the business community and the department he made the thorough study of the new procedure of taxation and compared it to the provisions of the repealed Haryana General Sales Tax Act, 1973 to facilitate the understanding of the traders/manufacturers.

Being there condition in the Haryana VAT Act, 2003 that an retired officer can practise as Tax Consultant only after the period of two years of his retirement, he kept himself very much linked with the taxation laws during this period by starting a ‘VAT HELPLINE’ for the business community and other interested persons. To reply the queries he has to read not only the new Act and Rules but also the interpretations made by the department and notifications to clarify the issues.

Having a good experience of departmental working, up to date knowledge of taxation laws and affability with the staff and business houses he placed himself as ’Tax Consultant’ in July, 2007 with a determination to serve the business community in a dedicated way and opened an independent and well equipped office at Dharuhera (Rewari) to cater to needs of taxation laws of general business community and industrial  houses. 

We represent the cases of our clients/companies up to the stage of Jt. Excise & Taxation Commissioner (Appeal) and Haryana Sales Tax Tribunal. Our experience as departmental officer and strategic VAT Consultant to various types of business consolidates our ability to deliver top- class VAT support services. To provide flawless and integrated services in tune with the latest amendments, we have up-to-date knowledge for every aspect of your project. At present we are providing services to the clients dealing in various type of business/companies to their highest satisfaction so that they may focus more on their competencies to upscale their business to the higher levels and expand their business model.



 Pankaj Bahmani is an Electronics And Communication Engineer and Law graduate, worked five  years  in Ireland, having excellent skills in business management now working as Tax Consultant  with 'BAHMANI ASSOCIATES'. 




  •  Assisting in obtaining Registration Certificate under the Haryana VAT Act & CST Act.  
  • Submission of quarterly return under the VAT & CST Act, and payment of tax etc,  
  • Preparing annual return under the VAT Act and return in form R2.   
  • Assisting the transporters getting registration under the PGT Act and payment of tax.  i.e Goods tax & Passenger tax.  
  • Filling of All types of returns prescribed under the VAT Act for the various type of dealers like Contractee, casual traders, lump sum contractor,lump sum retailer,lump sum B.K.O, lump sum lottery dealer, lump sum ply board manufacturer &  unregistered dealer.   
  • Assisting the clients in maintaining the books of accounts.  
  • Determination for any query regarding rate of tax of the product or commodity,liability to pay tax, etc.  
  • Promoting the ?BAHMANI ASSOCIATES? by visiting the companies, arranging  meeting with the different clients and maintain good professional relation with them.  


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